1. brandxspandex:

    You’re gonna go far kid.

    anyone still want to tell me how this character was put on the team just to create drama?

    headcanon where Loki tries to get David to spill the beans

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    Duality Challenge:

    focus / blur

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  4. divinedorothy:

    do you ever think about how fucked you’d be in medieval times with your weak eyesight, asthma and homosexual tendencies

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  5. lotrlockedwhovian:

    Pretty much all of us right now…

    Tom Gifs: luciawestwick [x]

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  6. mastersynn:


    I think this may be a sign that there’s something wrong with the way schools teach

    Well no wonder we all fucked up

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    This one never gets old.

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    *violent muffled cursing*

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    : why did you pick ?”

    I did that for the ladies. You’re welcome.

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